Current colour trends for granite worktops

The colour trends for granite worktops have changed in the last ten years. Interesting textures, grains and pits are in, and smooth, consistent tones are out – but only in certain applications, with room size and layout being the main determining factors in what colour and texture homeowners choose.

We’ll reveal what’s what below according to what our customers order and the slabs we’ve worked with in the last few years.

Open plan kitchens

There has been a recent shift toward warmer tones with granite worktops to create a welcoming vibe in open-plan kitchen spaces. Open plan kitchen, dining and living areas need to flow to appear as one and warmer-looking granite worktops complement artificial lighting best. Examples include Topazio Gold granite from Brazil and Astoria Gold granite from India. Another popular colour is De Angelo from Brazil.

Small kitchen spaces

The current trend for small kitchen spaces is light, neutral colours, with or without metallic flecks which add depth to the finish. Smaller spaces are better served by lighter colours because they make the space appear bigger and reflect more light. Popular granites include Ambrosia White from India and Ice White from Spain. A popular medium tone grey granite is Snowflakes granite from Brazil.

Larger kitchen spaces – blend in

The current trend for large kitchen spaces where a blended appearance is desired (worktops that don’t stand out too much) is dark, neutral colours. The most common granite used here is Jet Black from India. This provides a consistent finish similar to quartz but completely natural. Another popular choice is Emerald Black from Norway, which has dark silvery flecks which only catch the light under a direct light source.

Larger kitchen spaces – feature point

There isn’t a colour trend for large kitchens where a stand-out look is desired, but rather any interesting pattern and colourway will do. Perfect examples include Giallo Imperial from Brazil on the lighter side, and Matrix Gold from Brazil on the darker side. The best contrast is usually black and white or reds and blacks. Silver Splendour from Brazil fits the former while Magma Gold from Brazil fits the latter.

Bathrooms and wetrooms

In bathrooms and wetrooms the trend has long been to have lighter colours or neutral colours like beiges and browns. The current trend is off-white with a satin finish since water doesn’t stain the surface as easily with watermarks. Centuras Grey Dolomite from Brazil is a fantastic option, as is Azzuro from India. In continental bathrooms, the trend is more toward warm colours like Golden Beach from Brazil.

Furnishings, columns and furniture

For furnishings, furniture and columns made from granite the trend is lighter colours with warm and neutral tones. White is favoured because it fits in anywhere, but a little texture is desired too. A fantastic option here is Kashmir Gold from India which has whites and golds in the stone. A cleaner and sleeker appearance can be achieved with Odyssey granite from Brazil which has flowing lines and little to no flecks.

And the most popular colours of all are…

We work with more slabs made from Ambrosia White, Cosmic Black, Magma Gold and Amedeus than anything else. Our customers love these granites for their character. Every single slab is unique because it’s mined from the ground. Our planet never makes the same boulder twice, so you always get a unique worktop.

If you would like to see more popular granite colours, check out our granite colours page. We’ve worked with all those in the last year. If you fancy something different, take a look at Rosso Multi Colour granite, Golden Fantasy granite and Viscount granite. The latter is a favourite of ours for its smooth, greyish appearance.

When choosing a granite for your own kitchen or bathroom, we recommend you inspect granites in person before deciding. We welcome site visits to inspect slabs or we can send you photographs of the granites you’re interested in.

See something you like? We have our own team of skilled artisans who cut and finish our slabs to any specification. Please call us on 0113 8730 102 or email us here to discuss granite worktops for your home. Thank you.

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