Granite Fire Pits

Granite is a naturally durable material making it ideal for fire pits.

Fire pits that last forever


If you are creating or modernising a fire pit, you’ll have probably done plenty of research into the different materials you can use. Granite is a superior solution to brick and concrete because it is a highly durable natural solid stone that is mined from the earth.


Best of all, granite blocks last a lifetime and they do not crack or break with extreme heat.

Granite stone, cut to specification


The beauty of enlisting Omega Stone to make your granite fire pit is we have hundreds of granites in stock ready to cut. We can also source granite from around the world, so if you have your eye on a specific granite, it’s no problem.


We supply granite blocks and granite slabs cut to size. You can use granite blocks to make your fire pit and slabs to create durable shelves.


We have also made long granite fire pit boulders from solid granite. These commission pieces can have a ring burner size in excess of 70cm. They are super luxurious, and boulders and slabs can be polished to a glossy finish.

The range of granites we offer is unbeatable. You can see them here. Check out our range of granites and see if any take your fancy.


Although more expensive than brick and concrete, granite fire pits are a much more luxurious option. They are best-suited to high-end applications or to bring something special to a garden, patio or outdoor space. Call our team today on 0113 873 0102

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