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Granite Dining Tables

Granite dining tables are the most durable and luxurious dining tables available. We can make yours to any specification.


Granite Dining Tables

Granite is commonly used to make kitchen worktops because it is impervious to heat, extremely durable and easy to keep clean. These physical characteristics are also desirable for dining tables in homes and restaurants.

Dining tables with a tabletop made from granite are more durable than those with a tabletop made from wood or glass. Granite will not scratch or wear with normal use and it can be sealed to make it non-porous.

We make granite dining tables to order and our large stock of granites from around the world means we can make dining tables to any specification. You can have a granite dining table with metal or wood legs and in any colour.

Why choose a granite dining table?

Compared to wood or glass, granite is a more luxurious option for a dining table. It is more exclusive because granite is mined from the earth, so no two slabs are the same. This means every granite dining table we make is unique.

You can also have your granite dining table in any colour. The only limitation in terms of colour is what comes out of the ground because granite is mined, not made. We offer over 100 different types of granite and we can order special granites in.

We have our own workshop which enables us to make granite dining tables to any specification. There is no limit in terms of size, thickness or shape. We are capable of making granite dining tables in small production runs too.

We can cut the tabletop to any size and shape and we will make a bespoke base. The dining table you receive will be comparable to retail quality.

If you want a granite dining table, we can take your specifications and ideas and turn them into a beautiful end product.

We have hundreds of granites in stock right now, so we can make a granite dining table at short notice. Call us on 0113 873 0102 to find out more.


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