Miscellaneous Bespoke Pieces

Small details can make the most significant difference

No matter how beautiful your property might have been when you first moved into it, the chances are there are aspects you want to change. Perhaps your window sills look a little grimy or outdated, or you’re worried about the state of the skirting in your kitchen.


Here at Omega Stone, we believe that no job is too small when it comes to making your house look and feel amazing. As expert stonemasons, we’re on hand to help with everything from large projects like kitchen transformations, to small bespoke pieces.

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Updating and Enhancing Your Home

Something as small as a stunning granite windowsill replacing the old wooden option in your bathroom can be enough to transform your house. Not only will you have a unique decorative element that’s sure to attract the attention of your visitors, but you’ll also protect yourself from problems like rot and damp, by choosing a material for your miscellaneous pieces that can resist moisture.


Here at Omega Stone, we appreciate any opportunity to let our creative side shine through, that’s why we encourage our customers to come to us with even their most out-of-the-box ideas. When it comes to small bespoke elements, we’ve successfully completed projects including:


  • Shelving and storage
  • Window sills
  • Skirting
  • Unique extras

Discover the Value of Granite

No matter what your bespoke projects involve, you can rely on Omega Stone to source the most beautiful and sustainable granite for your pieces. We only use quarries around the United Kingdom, to ensure that we can provide the same consistent level of quality in every piece we produce.


The robust nature of granite makes it perfect for almost any part of your home, whether you’re sprucing up your living room, or transforming your kitchen.


What’s more, our expert stone masons can work with you to craft and mould your granite pieces into the shapes that are best for you.

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