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Unique Granite from around the world

Granite is mined all over the world in huge, solid chunks which are eventually cut into the slabs used in our kitchens and bathrooms. The stone is a felsic intrusive igneous rock and no two boulders mined are ever the same.

Because granite forms over billions of years in different environments, you will find the granites mined in South Africa are very different to granites mined in Brazil. We know the chemical components of the ground differ and thanks to fossils, we also know the weather billions of years ago did too. It was just as localised as it is now, and so granites from around the world always offer a different look.

All around the world

The biggest miners of granite in the world are Spain and India, along with Italy, Brazil and China. Other producers include Angola, Canada, Norway and Iceland. If you visit these countries, you will find the mines differ in size greatly. Some areas are also very difficult to mine, with Norway being particularly tough.

Our granite is sourced from the likes of Ukraine, Brazil, Angola, India, Spain, Canada, Norway and many other countries. We have partnered with a company called International Stones who can source granite from anywhere in the world. The granite we source is country-specific and unique. Often you won’t find it anywhere else.

Top granite finishes by country

Here are some of the top granite finishes by country:


Ukraine produces the beautiful Volga Blue granite which has unique cuts and slices with a blackish, greyish tint. This granite appears almost metallic.


Norway produces the timeless Labrador Antique granite, which has metallic flecks and a consistent patterned surface with lots of texture.

Blue Pearl is another very nice granite from Norway. This is one of the lighter greys available with metallic flecks for a touch of depth. Fancy something a little darker? Check out Emerald Black granite which is also from Norway.

South Africa

South Africa produces Nero Cosmos granite which is very similar to Galaxy granite and the quartz worktops you see in show homes today.


Angola produces a very, very unique granite called Blue in The Night, which is dark grey/ black with blue metallic flecks which catch the light.

Another popular granite from Angola is Antique Brown satin. This granite has the same pattern as camo and offers a warmer look than your standard black.


Brazil produces the very popular Topazio Gold granite which has off-whites, yellows, reds and greys to offer a warm, luxurious look. A variation of this granite is Topazio White which has purer whites for a cooler, more industrial look.

Silber Splendour is another fantastic granite from Brazil. This granite has chunky slices of whites, yellows, greys and blacks. A similar granite but with more sweeping texture is Matrix Gold, which is one of our favourite granites.


India produces the stunning Tan Brown Satin granite, which is probably one of our own favourites. This granite is reddish and grey with an almost slate-like finish. It is luxurious and very, very inviting. Perfect for a showstopping finish.

Another beautiful granite from India is Prada Gold. This metallic granite appears more like a drone shot of a beach than a stone with flowing lines.

Our stock

We have in stock a wide range of granite slabs available for immediate work. If you need a granite worktop fast, we can provide Amedeus, Ambrosia White, Angola Black, Black Marinace, Bros Blue, Brown Fantasy, Cafe Imperial, Cent Grey and a wide range of other slab colours which you can see in full here. This is in addition to being able to source you granites from around the world through our partner.

Need granite? Speak with us

Whether your taste is the classic Amadeus black from Brazil or Angel White from India, we can source granites in virtually any colour you like.

We have our own team of skilled artisans who cut and finish our slabs, and we can guarantee a perfect fit and finish every time. We will cut, polish and finish your slab to a premium standard and then fit it to exact measurements. Call us on 0113 873 0102 or email us here to discuss granite for your home. Thank you.

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