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How to make your Granite Bar Top stand out

A granite bar top is a great centrepiece for any kitchen. Not only is granite durable, hardwearing and easy to keep clean, it is also unique, with each slab mined from the earth so no two slabs are the same. You also get massive variances in granite appearance depending on where it is mined. Granites mined in Asia are very different to granites mined in Canada and Europe, for example.

What this means is you have choice. Granite bar tops are available in a virtually unlimited range of colours and they can be machine polished in various stages to create a gloss, satin or matte surface (or a combination of these).

Creating the look you have in your head for a tabletop can be achieved with granite, whether you want something warm, cool or standout in your kitchen space. Here are some tips to make your granite bar top stand out:

Contrasting colours

You probably already have a colour scheme in your head for your kitchen, but have you considered creating a contrasting bar top? A bar top in a different colour to the rest of the work surfaces has the effect of drawing attention to that area, which can be quite useful for drawing attention to the centre of a room.

If you do mix colours, you can’t go wrong with dark and light. A light granite bar top complements a dark work surface beautifully. For example, a bar top cut from Staccato by Naturamia would go very well with a work surface cut from Barocco from the same brand. If black and white isn’t your thing, greys and beige work well.

Glossy, satin or matte?

Granite is a natural mined stone, and therefore, it must be processed to form a smooth, single slab. This gives you the opportunity to select what level of polish you want your bar top to have. A glossy work surface may not be ideal if there’s a lot of sunlight and reflection, in which case you might prefer a satin or matte option.

The profile your slab is given can also have a contrasting level of polish. For example, the edge might be glossy while the surface is matte. Or, you might choose to have the drainage lines polished while the surface is satin. The choice is yours. You can use different stages of polishing to highlight features and make a slab unique.


Lastly, don’t forget about the lighting in your kitchen because this can have a dramatic effect on drawing the eye to your bar top, or away from it. Use artificial lighting for practical purposes to ensure the bar top can be used, but also make use of feature lighting and colour to give your bar top that little bit extra.

Pendant lights which hang from the ceiling are always a good choice – and especially when made in a fancy material like copper. These types of light have the benefit of being installable virtually anywhere. Alternatively, you might like to have a roof sky light installed if your granite bar top doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

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