Granite Stone Edging for Swimming Pools and Ponds

We offer bespoke granite stone edging and coping for swimming pools and ponds, cut to size in any specification.

Granite Stone Edging for Swimming Pools and Ponds


Granite is the perfect material for edging and coping for swimming pools and ponds. It can be manufactured with a non-slip surface (textured, matted) and the stones can be grooved to improve grip around the pool or pond area.


Coping and edging stones have to be durable, but a bigger consideration is given to their appearance. Since coping and edging form the border around a swimming pool or pond, the design of these stones is very important.


Granite stone edging for swimming pools and ponds is a good choice because it is available in such a wide range of different colours.


We source granite slabs from all over the world, so we can provide edging and coping stones to suit any design. We also have granites in stock and ready to go now.

Why choose granite for edging and coping?


Granite is one of the most popular materials for swimming pool and pond edging because it is natural and fits in anywhere.


A popular alternative to granite is concrete, but this inexpensive material offers nowhere near the same level of luxury or hardiness. Granite edging and coping lasts a lifetime with a good substrate, and it won’t break up or crack like concrete.


The grain of granite makes it the most luxurious and interesting choice. While concrete is clean, granite has great depth and character. No two granites are exactly the same, so when you install granite edging, it is always unique.


Why choose Omega Stone to make your granite edging? Because we are a British company with our own workshop and artisans. We can manufacture edging and coping to virtually any specification with a short lead time. Just get in touch.

We are happy to manufacture granite edging for swimming pools and ponds to any specification at relatively short notice.


We are stonemasons with our own workshop and granite stock. Call us on 0113 873 0102 to place an order or discuss your requirements.

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