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Bespoke Granite ideas to enhance your home

Granite has become a hugely popular stone to use in the home in recent years, but it is not always used very creatively.

Many people choose granite for their flooring and kitchen worktops, but do not think of the many other creative uses granite can have to enhance the appearance of their home. As granite is hardwearing and durable, as well as having a beautiful appearance, it’s the ideal material for use in a variety of ways throughout your property. Here’s some of them:

1. Granite fireplace

Granite is an ideal material for creating attractive, luxurious-looking fireplaces. As it comes in so many colours and patterns, you can find a granite fireplace to suit your personal tastes and home décor style, no matter whether your home is contemporary or traditional. Granite can also easily be moulded into a wide variety of different shapes, so it is entirely possible to create a bespoke fireplace which perfectly suits the size, shape and age of your property.

Another advantage of granite is that it can either have a matte finish or be polished to a high-gloss shine, so you can choose the finish which best suits your preferences, while finding the perfect way to enhance the glow from your fire and complete the look of your room.

2. Granite sink

Many homeowners now have granite worktops in their kitchens, but you can make the look more streamlined and attractive by continuing the granite theme into the sink. It is relatively easy for a skilled professional to create a sink from granite dust and resin, in any shape you choose, to match your worktops and coordinate with the style of your kitchen.

This instantly makes your kitchen appear more spacious, as the line of the worktop is unbroken, making the sink appear part of the worktop itself. It is even possible to incorporate draining grooves into a granite worktop, so there is no need to install a separate draining board.

Your granite sink will perfectly complement the appearance of your kitchen, creating a chic and stylish look. Or for the ultimate in luxury, you can have a granite sink installed in your bathroom, too.

3. Granite tables

A granite table is the height of opulence. From sleek coffee tables to large dining tables, granite can be used to construct a table in any shape and size you choose. Granite tables are becoming increasingly popular, as granite can easily take on the appearance of marble, so a granite table gives any room an expensive and tasteful feel.

If you would prefer a completely bespoke design, a granite table top can be added to an existing table, using a single slab of your choosing to create the exact appearance you are looking for. This way you can design the perfect table for your room, with coordinating colours and the quirky feature of contrasting legs, making a beautiful and completely original feature for any room.

4. Granite shelving

Most shelving tends to be wooden, but there is no good reason why that always needs to be the case. Granite is the ideal material for shelving as it is strong and durable, and its appearance is so varied that granite shelves can be found to suit every style of room and décor.

Granite shelves add an interesting design twist to every room, and can be used flexibly throughout the home, working just as well in a living room or bedroom as they do in the bathroom or kitchen. They are sleek and streamlined, giving your room clean lines, and are just as decorative as many of the items you will use them to display.

5. Granite home accessories

Granite is a truly beautiful stone which can be used just as easily for decorative purposes as it can for practical applications. In some cases, the two functions can easily overlap, such as a granite cheeseboard, which is an ideal way to impress your dinner guests at the end of a meal. However, granite has such a stunning appearance that it can be used as an intriguing piece of wall art to add the finishing touch to a room.

Find out more about granite uses

If you would like more ideas for creative ways to use granite in your home, or you are interested in finding out more about the granite we can provide, please contact us. The team here at Omega Stone are always happy to cater to your requirements.

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