Things to consider before installing a Granite island in your kitchen

A kitchen island is a great way to increase countertop space. It is also a great way to increase storage space and it can be used as an open-area buffet space.

If you are considering a granite kitchen island, you will probably already know about the perks of this glorious material. If not, here’s the basics:

Granite is a natural stone. There are literally hundreds of stones to choose from each with their own unique characteristics. Granite is extremely durable and hardy and can be polished to a high gloss, giving it mirror-like qualities. Granite needs sealing periodically but once sealed it is non-porous and completely hygienic.

Whatever you plan on using your kitchen island for, a granite countertop is the best material for creating a show-stopping and luxurious finish. Quartz your other option, but this engineered stone does not offer the uniqueness of granite.

Here’s things to consider before installing a granite island in your kitchen:

Edge profile

Aside from the glossy finish and deep lustre of your granite island, people will notice the edge profile first. Most kitchen islands are high-use or high-traffic areas and for this reason most people opt to keep things simple with a Pencil Round or Full Bullnose edge profile. This tends to be a safer option than a profile with sharp edges, because a rounded profile is less susceptible to chipping if knocked with a cast iron skillet.

Drainage grooves

We recommend you consider having drainage grooves installed. Drainage grooves channel water and other liquids into a sink or another drainage point. They prevent any liquid from leaving the countertop and hitting the floor. This prevents spillage. Drainage grooves will come in particularly handy if the island is used as an eating area.

Contrasting colour or uniform colour?

We have worked on some beautiful kitchen installations recently where a contrasting granite colour has been chosen to separate the island from the surrounding countertops. One example, where the customer chose Ambrosia White granite to contrast against Cosmic Black granite countertops, springs to mind. Equally, granite islands that match countertops are stunning. Which is best for you depends on your taste.

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