Brazilian Slate

We offer unpolished Brazilian Slate by the crate to trades and a cut to size, shaped and polished option for the public. Our Brazilian Slate can be provided in the form of Hearths or Roofing Slate.

Brazilian Slate combines a smooth, natural look with a durability which makes it ideal for outdoor usage

Imported directly
from Brazil by
Omega Stone

Brazilian Slate Hearths

Our Hearths are 2mm thick and available in the following specifications:


1500×900 | 1370×900 | 1200×900 | 1mx1m

Popular Hearth Shapes

2 Piece

T-Shape 1 Piece

Half Moon

Quarter Circle

1 Piece

Tear Drop

Popular Edge Details


Full Bull Nose

Half Bull Nose

Pencil Round

90 Degree Square

45 Degree Chamfer

Brazilian Roofing Slate

Our Roofing Slate is available between 7 & 9 inches in thickness with various size options.

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Speak to one of our experts to find out which type of Brazilian Slate is right for you. We can provide a free quotation along with valuable advice to ensure that you get the best results. Nationwide next day delivery available, £60+vat per 1m pallet. Call us on 0113 873 0102.


Natural stone has many variations in colour, crystal structure, mineral formation and texture. Customers will be able to see and feel fissures and natural differences in the stone’s surface texture. These differences are not considered flaws, but rather signatures of authenticity. Customers are encouraged to view and feel the whole slab before fabrication begins, and can reject material only at that time.