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Can the thickness of a Quartz or Granite worktop affect pre-existing kitchen appliances such as sinks and hobs?

The thickness of a quartz or granite worktop should not affect pre-existing kitchen appliances such as sinks and hobs, so long as the worktop is cut to specification, and so long as it is installed correctly. Issues with appliances only usually occur if the worktop hasn’t been sized or installed correctly.

Very rarely, it is necessary to replace appliances. Built-in hobs may need to be replaced if they are too bulky. However, this is an exception to the norm.

Choose a professional company

To guarantee no fitment problems, it is essential that you source your granite or quartz worktop through a reputable company. Measurements of your kitchen should be taken so that the granite or quartz can be cut to a perfect size. Some companies might also measure your built-in appliances, to get the thickness of the slab right.

During the installation process, all appliances are removed. They are then put back into place systematically after the slab is installed.

The biggest issue customers face with a stone worktop

Rather than the thickness of a slab, the biggest issue that homeowners must contend with when looking at installing a granite or quartz worktop, is whether the kitchen unit underneath will support the weight of a stone worktop. Stone is several times heavier than oak and stainless steel. Because of this, the kitchen unit underneath might require bolstering to support the weight of a quartz or granite worktop.

In any case, the importance of choosing a reputable company to supply and fit your worktop cannot be overstated. We’ve been called out to homes where worktops have horrible chips, scratches and defects caused by unskilled installation. Sometimes, the slabs are in such a poor state that they can’t be salvaged and must be replaced completely.

A first-class service from Omega Stone

If you require a first-class service, contact us. We have a team of fully qualified stonemasons who can cut your desired stone to any shape or size, and our installation team is the best in the business. To find out more about our services, or for a free home visit, please call us on 0113 873 0102 and one of our experts will discuss your project with you.

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