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Top ways granite can be used in the bathroom

Granite is the most luxurious material for bathrooms. This natural stone is quarried all over the world, from Canada to China. It takes the skilled work of a stonecutter and stonemason to manufacture the raw slab into a beautiful slab fit for a bathroom.

Once sealed, granite is near impervious to damage. This make it not only a classy choice, but a practical one for use in bathrooms and wetrooms. If you are thinking about granite for your bathroom, here’s the top ways you can use it:

On the walls and floor

You can buy granite slabs and tiles for the walls and floor of your bathroom.

Granite tiles can be paired with a light or dark grout to blend in with the stone. Blending the grout and stone makes for a seamless, classy appearance. Granite tiles are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any room. Large slabs can be used where space is plentiful, while smaller tiles can be used if space is limited.

For counter tops

Granite is perhaps most popular for use with bathroom countertops.

Counter tops need to be hardy to stand up to daily cleaning rituals, and granite certainly passes that test. Granite has a Mohs hardness scale of 7. It is durable and won’t be scratched by jewellery or your hair dryer. Counter tops can have a bevel, bullnose, dupont, cove, waterfall, or another finish to suit your taste.

To highlight features

If your bathroom has a wow feature, granite can be used to highlight it.

Whether you have a 55” 4K television in your bathroom or a beautiful work of art, highlighting it with granite will ensure it never goes unnoticed. You’d highlight the feature with a contrasting colour to the rest of your bathroom for maximum effect. So, if your floor is a black granite, then you would have a white background for your feature.

Granite from Omega Stone

At Omega Stone, we hand-pick granite from around the world. We then cut, polish and profile it by hand and with state of the art machinery to create beautiful granite slabs. To find out more about our services, please call us on 0113 873 0102.

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