The Benefits of Granite Splashbacks

Getting your kitchen right isn’t just about the right colours, materials and appliances – it’s about making sure that the beauty that’s visible on day one stays there for years and years and years to come.

To do that, you need the best materials around. Namely, granite.

Granite has been utilised for thousands of years in the construction of some of the major building projects in history, and it remains an extremely popular option for those looking to bring hardwearing beauty to their kitchen.

100% natural and available in a spectacular array of colours and patterns, there’s a granite worktop for every kitchen, but it’s not worktops that we’re discussing today. Instead, we’re going to granite splashbacks.

An oft-forgotten yet essential part of kitchen design, your splashbacks will protect your walls and complete the overall look of your kitchen. Here’s just a few reasons why granite is such an ideal material for your splashbacks:

·         Perfectly matches with your granite worktops, creating a seamless and stunning effect.

·         Incredibly easy to clean, with almost no maintenance required to keep looking wonderful.

·         Available in in extremely long strips, so you don’t have to suffer with unsightly seams.

·         Can be cut to your exact specifications, including spaces for outlets.

·         Suitable for both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

·         Custom cutting ensures you can pick a thickness which suits your property.

·         Extreme heat and water resistance means that your granite splashback doesn’t discolour or warp over the passage of time.

·         Contrasting granites can be used to used to create spectacular, one off designs.

At Omega Stone, we’re proud to offer an unparalleled range of granite worktops and splashbacks, with over 200 slabs in stock across hundreds of colours. Quarried from some of the most in-demand locations across the world, we source, cut, finish and install every single slab by hand, ensuring constantly high-quality levels across every granite product we supply.

To learn more about our range or to book a consultation for your home or business, get in touch with us today.

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