The key differences between granite and quartz

When it comes to choosing between granite and quartz for a kitchen worktop, we always say that your decision should be based on which is more suited to your lifestyle. Because the truth is both granite and quartz are exemplary materials for worktops. They perform similarly and extremely well, and they offer the durability that a working surface should.

Of course, there are differences between them though. In this article, we will explore these differences to help you understand each material’s quirks:

Granite is a natural stone; quartz is an engineered stone

So the key difference between granite and quartz is that one is mined (granite) and one is engineered (quartz). Granite comes from naturally-occurring granite rock which is mined and cut into large but manageable slabs. Quartz comes from a manmade process, in which quartz minerals and resins – such as polyester and epoxy – are crushed into form. For this reason, each piece of granite is unique, while quartz worktops offer a uniform appearance.

Granite is porous while quartz is non-porous

On a day-to-day basis granite and quartz require the same maintenance; a wipe down with an anti-bacterial kitchen spray is sufficient to keep the worktop looking new. However, granite is slightly higher maintenance than quartz in the long-term. The reason being that granite is porous while quartz is non-porous. As a result, granite should be treated with a surface sealant once or twice a year. This will prevent liquid from penetrating into the stone.

Quartz is, pound-for-pound, more durable than granite

Both granite and quartz are sufficiently strong and durable for kitchen worktops. With proper care, both materials will last a lifetime. However, if we’re playing Top Trumps, then the durability award has to go to quartz. This is because all granite has natural flaws throughout the stone and these weaken its strength. Such flaws are engineered out of quartz worktops making them harder and more durable than granite worktops overall.

Choosing between the two

It can be a difficult choice choosing between granite and quartz. Granite is the preferred choice for high-end projects, because it is the more premium product. However, quartz is a highly functional surface that looks fantastic in all applications.

We recommend seeing each material in person to make a proper decision. Both are beautiful materials that will make a lasting impression in your home. To speak to one of our experts about granite or quartz worktops, call us on 0113 873 0102 today.

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