Why you should consider drainage grooves for your kitchen worktop

If you spill water onto a flat kitchen worktop, you will find that it sits there and does absolutely nothing until it is interacted with, because there is nowhere for that water to go.

Drainage grooves help liquids escape flat surfaces. On kitchen worktops, they are extremely useful because they allow water and other liquids to easily drain into a sink.

Do I need drainage grooves?

While drainage grooves are not essential for a kitchen worktop, they do make life easier when cleaning up.

Liquids poured on a flat surface have nowhere to go. Drainage grooves channel water and other liquids into a sink or another drainage point. The drainage grooves act as a barrier for the liquid, keeping it there to be soaked up or pushed to a drainage point.

The benefits of drainage grooves

·         Drainage: Of course, the most obvious benefit of drainage grooves is drainage. With drainage grooves, water and other liquids will be safely collected so that they can be soaked up or pushed to a drainage point.

·         Easier cleaning: Trying to coerce a liquid on a flat work surface into a sink can be a nightmare. Drainage grooves channel that liquid so that it can be pushed where you want it, which makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

·         Aesthetically pleasing: You wouldn’t call drainage grooves a focal point of a worktop’s design, but they are certainly pleasing on the eye. They give a worktop surface a true sense of depth and character.

Drainage groove placement

It is most common for drainage grooves to be carved into the work surface around sinks, although drainage grooves can be carved into the outer edge of any work surface to prevent spillages. A small carved groove at the lip of a work surface, for instance, would prevent the cooked juices of a roast chicken from spilling onto the floor below.

Whatever the case, correct drainage groove placement depends on the layout of your kitchen and how you use it. Drainage grooves near a food processor might be a good idea, for instance, as might drainage grooves near a stove. If you are interested in a high-quality quartz or granite kitchen worktop with drainage grooves, contact us.

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