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Not all quartz is created equal

When it comes to choosing a quartz worktop, you have two options – 1) You can choose to go with branded quartz, or 2) You can choose to go with private label quartz.

Our experience is that private label quartz can be inconsistent and of a poor quality compared to branded quartz. Which is why here at Omega Stone we have been supplying high quality quartz worktops since 2010 and we have six leading brand partners who supply our quartz. They are Compac, Cimstone, Caesar Stone, Silestone, Dekton and Luna Stone; all of whom are trusted brands in the world of quartz worktops.

And so, it goes without saying that we advise people against choosing a private label quartz worktop for their kitchen. To us, there is a clear difference between branded quartz and private label quartz as far as fit, finish and overall quality is concerned.

For the best quality you should ALWAYS choose branded quartz

The biggest appeal of private label quartz is that pound-for-pound it costs less than branded quartz. For a five metre work surface, you would save several hundred pounds. However, the old adage ‘you pay for what you get’ really does ring true with quartz worktops.

There’s three reasons for this. First of all, private label quartz worktops are manufactured at different places in different factories so the designs are not uniform. Secondly, manufacturers have been known to use second-rate bonding agents in their designs so the finished product will often not have the sheen of branded quartz. And lastly, the only support the customer will often receive is from a distributor who doesn’t accept returns or offer a warranty. Add all these up, and you are left with a very second-rate product indeed.

About our quartz worktops                                                          

We are committed to offering you the highest quality quartz worktops, and we will only ever supply worktops that meet our high standards.

The brands we work with are all a credit to the industry that they serve. By choosing Omega Stone, you will also get access to the latest manufacturing technologies which have created the very best quartz worktops on the market today. An example being Çimstone quartz, which is produced with the Italian BRETON technology.

To find out more about our quartz worktops or for help and advice with your kitchen, speak with one of our experts today by calling 0113 873 0102.

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