Samsung Radianz Quartz

To create a Radianz™ surface, advanced polymer resins and colour pigments are combined with 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature. The result is a quartz countertop or cladding material that is durable, hygienic and beautiful. This blend of nature and technology can go beyond the realms of natural stone with its versatility and aesthetics. With a vast range of colours, Radianz™ provides the ultimate combination of stunning design and low maintenance for any kitchen, bathroom or indoor commercial project.

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Colour Range

Everest White

Luna Verde

Shasta Brown

Mauna Loa Black

Aleutian White

Antigua Beach

Sechura Mocha

Kunlun Ink

Mont Blanc Snow

Rangoon Black

Kauai Cream

Bristol Beige

Toluca Sand

Columbia Gray

Teton Beige

Alpine Umber

Ural Gray

Gentle Grey

Adirondack Birch

Saltoro Cliff

Mariposa Buff

Ferio Black

Gold Canyon Grey

Mariama Brown

Imperial Grey

Diamond White

St. Helen’s White

Bora Bora Beige

Mykanos Beige