Granite Backsplash Leeds

For a number of years, Omega Stone have been working alongside skilled artists and creative minds in Leeds – producing beautiful pieces of stone mastery designed to match the interior design needs of various customers.


As a local company, we’re dedicated to offering incredible customer service and high-quality stone craftsmanship to everyone who works with us – regardless of how big, small, or complicated the project might be. At Omega Stone, we have the skills and expertise required to help you move seamlessly through every step of your kitchen project, from creating the perfect worktops, to making stunning granite backsplash solutions.

If you’re looking for a granite backsplash in Leeds to compliment your existing granite features or improve the appearance and hygiene of your kitchen space, we have the skills you need. Our qualified team of expert stonemasons will help to design the perfect backsplash for your kitchen out of a stone that is both aesthetically stunning, durable, and easy to maintain.


Upgrade Your Kitchen Experience


With Omega Stone, you get nothing less than the best. Our stonemasons will work to transform your chosen slab of granite into a backsplash of any shape or size – so you can rest assured that you’ll get stunning, durable results that are built to last a lifetime. We can provide you with the perfect cut of granite, so that every time you enter your kitchen, your backsplash dazzles you with a variety of natural colours and stunning aesthetic appeal.


Our stones have been handpicked from specialist quarries throughout the United Kingdom, and we only ever source materials from the highest-quality, most reliable providers in the area. We can even source granite from across the globe to help you achieve the design you’ve always wanted.

Quality, Guaranteed


If you’re looking for a reliable and skilled solution for granite backsplashes in Leeds, you can rest assured that the artisans at Omega Stone have the skills and knowledge required to create the results you’ve always wanted. We will work tirelessly to the highest possible standards to deliver the best possible craftsmanship for all of your kitchen and stone project needs.


To learn more about how you can transform your kitchen with a new granite backsplash, contact us at 0113 808 0229 or on Freephone 0844 800 8489 to discuss your needs. You can also contact us by emailing or you can fill in our contact form here.

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