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Why you should consider investing in a Granite Table Top

Table tops are available in a huge variety of materials. Woods such as oak, walnut and pine have always been popular. Glass is another popular option. A more premium option is granite, a natural stone which in slab form offers a luxurious weight and character. It’s one of the finest materials for a table top.

Granite table tops have been popular in homes for over fifty years. Due to the time-intensive process of mining and refining it, it is a luxurious option. It is pricier than even the finest woods, often costing three to five times as much. And glass? You are talking ten times as much. That’s the price you pay for such luxury.

So, why should you invest in a granite table top besides its grandeur?

Here are 7 reasons why granite table tops make sense.

  1. Exclusivity

Exclusivity is the word here. No two granite slabs are the same. The stone is mined from huge granite boulders. Boulders can’t produce more than one slab. So, literally every granite slab comes from a unique spot in the ground.

This translates to slabs with unique characteristics. All granite is formed from quartz and 2. feldspar, with mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. These minerals give granite its colour.

  1. Range of colours

Granite is mined around the world. The great thing about this is all countries have different mineral deposits in the ground. Over millions of years, granites form in a wide range of colours. For example, the granite out of Brazil is very different to the granite out of Italy.

Granite table tops are available in classic colours like black and white. They have exotic names, such as Astoria Ivory, Azzurro Quartzite and Delicatus.

  1. Hardness and durability

Due to its sheer magnificence, a granite table top is more an investment than it is a purchase. Granite is a natural stone mined from the ground. It is exceptionally durable and tough. It has a Mohs hardness rating of seven. It is much harder than marble which rates at a paltry three to five on the Mohs scale.

A high-quality granite table top (with no stone imperfections and good thickness) will last for a lifetime. The stone itself will remain in perfect condition.

  1. Application suitability

Granite is a smart material for use as a table top. Plates and cutlery won’t scratch the surface. Vases and electronics won’t mark it. The finish will remain perfect, making it a much stronger choice than wood, glass, or even stainless steel.

Something to keep in mind is granite’s a porous stone, so it needs sealing once in a while. There are special products for this that only require application every three years. They form an impervious barrier and can be applied at home by yourself.

  1. Unique stone characteristics

Because granite is formed naturally, mineral deposits in the stone are not consistent. This creates a stone with unique characteristics. Hard minerals form patterns and spots which as previously noted are unique to every slab.

There is literally so much choice with granite, that you can find examples with unison patterns. Sardo Grey and Mondariz are prime examples. Prefer something very unique? Try Solaris or Tan Brown Stain. All these are beautiful options.

  1. A show-stopping material

Everybody’s seen an oak table top. Everybody’s seen a glass table top. But granite? It is much, much rarer. It oozes class and luxury. No other material is as interesting, no material as endearing. It’s a true show-stopper.

If you want a table top that makes an immediate impression, granite is an outstanding choice. You don’t get better than this.

  1. Depreciation? What depreciation

Lastly, a word about value. Granite table tops are a luxurious choice, and they never, ever lose their value. Every slab is unique, and for this reason, should you choose to sell, all you have to do is find a buyer who falls in love with it.

Granite table tops are also always in high demand. Custom jobs take weeks to fulfil. So, there’s always a market for people who want to buy quickly.

Granite table tops with Omega Stone

We’re master stonemasons specialising in working with granite. We’ve partnered with International Stones to offer you literally hundreds of granites from around the world. We source refine and fit table tops to any specification. Want a granite table top for your home? Give our experts a call on 0113 873 0102 to discuss your project.

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