Top Quartz Brands in 2019

Buying a beautiful quartz worktop these days is easier than ever. The manufacturing process of quartz has been refined to the point where quality control is exceedingly high and the ‘slabs’ perfect. However, in our experience, branded quartz is the most consistent of all your options for quality, fit, finish and design choice.

The top brands offer something others don’t too: a comprehensive warranty on the slab itself, which is a mark of top quality. When fitted professionally, quartz worktops from top brands will last forever. We work with a wide range of brands, and there are 12 brands who stand out above others. We’ll look at these below (in no particular order of favouritism – they are all brands at the top of the food chain).

  1. Caesar Stone Quartz

Established for more than 25 years. 15-year guarantee on all worktops and beautiful designs. Caesar Stone Quartz worktops look the part and are available in a range of neutral colours from Ivory to Emperadoro.

  1. Compac Quartz

Established in 1975. A Spanish brand. The first manufacturer to specialise in marble and quartz. All worktops use 100% recycled raw materials and boast a special resin system to create a wide range of beautiful finishes.

  1. Cambria

Established in 2000. One of the biggest producers of quartz surfaces in the United States with a beautiful range of products. Quartz finishes include Brecon Brown and Bradshaw, two interesting surfaces for the discerning home.

  1. Silestone by Cosentino

Established in 1990. One of 75 members of the Spanish Forum of Leading Brands. Silestone worktops are considered the number one choice for a clean look. A wide range of finishes are available, and all quartz surfaces come with a 25-year warranty.

  1. Cimstone

Established in 1990 selling custom marble worktops. Moved onto quartz a few years later. They are an industry-leader and producer of high-quality quartz surfaces. Their products are among the very best on the market.

  1. Samsung Radianz

Quartz worktops backed by Samsung. Quartz surfaces use advanced polymer resins and colour pigments are combined with 93% quartz. These worktops are extremely robust and come with a comprehensive 15-year guarantee.

  1. Ersten

Ersten worktops have deep and mysterious colours. Beautiful depth and contrast under artificial and natural light. Innovative blend of resins and pigments to create showstopping quartz surfaces fit for high-end applications.

  1. Silk Stone Quartz

The Silkstone Quartz collection by Thomas Group is a collection of neutral colours and finishes which mimic the natural stones of the earth. Each slab is beautiful and masterfully finished with impeccable attention to detail.

  1. Santamargherita Quartz

Santamargherita Quartz can be found in the highest-end applications. Each slab is crafted using the finest quartz. Each slab mimics stonework and offers reliable elegance. Suitable for any application from floors to walls.

  1. Luna Stone Quartz

Based in Hertfordshire, Luna Stone is a leading quartz surface manufacturer and one of the best known in Britain. Each new slab comes with a 10-year warranty. A wide variety of interesting, neutral designs are available.

  1. Emperor Stone

Emperor Stone is one of the world’s finest manufacturers of quartz surfaces. Their slabs are suitable for any application. Each slab comes with a 10-year guarantee. Popular finishes include Marble White and Cream Mirror.

  1. CRL Quartz

CRL offers more than 60 quartz surfaces, including flat, neutral shades and more interesting textural slabs. They are an excellent brand for kitchen and bathroom worktops as well as custom flooring and ornamental features.

We have partnered with all these brands to offer you the widest choice of quartz worktops in one place. You can find out more about them here. When you order quartz through us, we will cut and finish your slab to your exact requirements. We will then fit your worktop to the exact specification you desire. To find out more about our services please call us on 0113 873 0102. We can turnaround most projects in just 4 days.

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