Things to consider when choosing an edge for your granite worktop

Granite worktops add a wow factor to a kitchen or bathroom because they exude class, luxury and taste. It’s the beautifully-polished finish of granite that first catches the eye, but the first thing people usually touch is the edge.

The edge for your granite worktop is an important consideration, because it is the only customisable part of the slab. Some people assume the edge profile of granite is determined by the company they order from, but this isn’t the case, or at least it isn’t with us. For stonemasons like ourselves, profiling the granite slab is something we take great care with and we’re always happy to profile it to the customer’s request.

Edge profiles

There are 12 main edge profiles we work with.

The two most common edge profiles are pencil round and full bullnose. Other profiles include bevel, half bullnose, dupont, ogee, cove, waterfall, birds peak, mitred downstand, dupont/covde, and ogee/bullnose. Illustrations for all these profiles can be found here. We can also create custom edge profiles for our customers.

It’s all in the edge

Three things give a granite slab character: Its colour, its level of polish (gloss, matte, semi-matte), and its profile edge. The profile edge is a big one, because it can complement existing décor in the kitchen or bathroom. For example, if your kitchen or bathroom makes use of geometric patterns, the waterfall profile would be perfect. Or, if your kitchen keeps things simple, the half bullnose or bevel would be perfect.

Of course, which edge profile appeals to you is a matter of taste. Some people like an eye-catching profile, while others like profiles that don’t kick up a fuss.

Granite worktops from Omega Stone

We’re specialists in all things granite.

At Omega Stone, we can supply and install the highest quality granite within your home or commercial property. We are skilled stonemasons with access to stones from all over the world, and we have over 200 granite slabs in stock right now. On these granite slabs, we can offer a 7-day turnaround time. To find out more about our services and how we can bring the class of granite to your home or commercial property, please call us on 0113 873 0102.

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