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What is the Process of Installing a Granite Worktop?

Granite worktops can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. However, because of the nature of granite as a product – it was considered a hard “do-it-yourself” task until recently. Fortunately, today there is a range of pre-shaped granite products that can be shipped directly to your door, alongside detailed instructions of how to install your surface without professional assistance.

Of course, if you want to make sure that you get incredible results without the risk of mistakes – then you may still want to think about hiring a professional. Otherwise, a simple installation should be fairly straightforward if you follow the right directions.

Step 1: Ordering your Granite

Your cabinets will need to be installed before you can begin placing a granite worktop. Make sure that these cabinets are securely attached to the walls and floor, and are completely level. You can also take this time to precisely mark the location of a sink if you have not had one pre-installed into the cabinets themselves.
Decide what kind of edge you want on your worktop – including an overhang, and select your granite material, leaving some spare for a “backsplash” area. After you’ve made your final decision, you can double-check your measurements for accuracy, then order the material.

Step 2: Preparing your Worktops

With your granite prepared, install 1.905cm plywood around the tops of the cabinets. This will help to support the additional weight of the granite. Be careful to cut the plywood evenly with the front of the cabinets. Make sure that everything is level before you drill holes into the cabinet and attach the plywood with screws.
Double-check that everything is secure before you begin placing the granite, as a loose support could cause your worktop to slide or fall.

Step 3: Placing the Granite Slab

Get some help to move the granite slab into place – remember that this material is very heavy, and should be handled with care. Set the slab over the worktop and make sure that everything will fit properly. Push all of the seams in the granite together as tightly as possible, and ensure that the slab is level, before raising it away from the cabinet temporarily.

Place silicone sealer around the edges of the plywood on your cabinet, and run a bead of caulking around the sink, then lower the granite slab into place. Remember to fill the seams around the sink and ensure that everything is water-tight.

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