Latest Trends for Wood Burning Stove Hearths

Spring has finally arrived, and that means that many modern homeowners are looking to refresh and update the appearance of their homes. As the central focus of a living or dining room, a wood-burning stove hearth can be an incredible way to infuse your property with new life and colour.

To help inspire you on your search for the ideal architecture, we’ve examined some of the most popular home design trends of the day to provide a couple of tips on how you can really get to the “hearth” of the matter with your new interior.

1.      Natural Tones and Organic Colours

Today’s homeowners are bringing the outdoors inside with their design trends. Some of the most beautiful properties on Pinterest and in style magazines include wallpapers covered in vines and floral prints, raw wood furniture, and plenty of natural colours like green and brown.  For a vibrant organic look, a hearth designed in tan brown granite combines warm golden shades with soft greys and blacks for an earthy look.

On the other hand, for those who want a more neutral approach to today’s nature-inspired trend, soft limestone shades and sandstone with stunning markings can help to draw the eye without adding too much noise to a space. For instance, Yorkshire sandstone, combined with bold bright colours could really bring a living space to life.

A 2-piece hearth could also be draped with faux vines for a unique horticultural look.

2.      Interesting Textures and Patterns

As mentioned above, it’s not just outdoorsy colours that are helping to bring the natural world into the residential space. Today’s homeowners are looking for more authentic “raw” textures in their furnishings and fittings. For those who like the “industrial chic” look that’s been popping up in apartments and lofts recently, a slate texture could be a great way to add sophistication to a wood burning stove hearth, while still maintaining a natural element.

Alternatively, for homeowners who prefer to see the history in their interior components, there is a range of stone choices available that naturally come with their own markings and unique textures, like marble, granite, and even limestone.

This year, many designers are getting bold and mixing their patterns and textures, so it might be a great time to start really experimenting with your style. For instance, a Nero Marquina marble combined with real-wood furnishings and botanical patterns could create a unique contemporary interior with elements of the outdoors thrown in.

3.      Unique Shades and Luxury

The colour of the year for 2018 is “Pantone Purple”. Purple stands for luxury and opulence, and its perfect for those who want to go all-out with a unique and sensational living space. Purple works perfectly when juxtaposed against colours that aren’t quite as bold, such as blacks, and whites. However, a touch of gold can really bring purple to life when it’s used properly.

For instance, a Titanium polished hearth complete with natural veins of gold and white through the black colouring could create an expensive and opulent atmosphere when paired with a bold purpose statement wall and a few surrounding accessories like a plush throw rug and some tall pillar candles.

Alternatively, for those who prefer lighter, more pastel shades, a Crème Marfil marble hearth paired with a softer Pantone hue and plenty of floral patterns could create a bohemian and romantic interior, perfect for a welcoming living room or a relaxing bedroom environment.

4.      Blurring the Lines Between Spaces

Finally, bigger is better in 2018, but you don’t necessarily need to have a huge home to make the most of this spacious trend. Homeowners today are experimenting with a range of perception-blurring tricks to help their living rooms and dining rooms look larger than they are. For instance, mirrored tables and accessories can reflect more light from the windows and make a space look bigger.

Additionally, a reflective focal point in the centre of the room like a shiny jet black honed granite hearth could help to pull a space together. Lighter shades can also be a great way to make a room look bigger, so Blanco Carrara marble and Rose Aurora limestone could be a great option for people who are drawn to subtler decoration choices. Choosing the right shape of hearth could be useful here too.

For instance, a one-piece or half moon hearth is more likely to take up a large amount of space on your living room wall, while a quarter circle or teardrop design is perfect for smaller spaces that might be overwhelmed by too much stone in a single place.

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