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Why you Should Invest in a Granite or Quartz Worktop for your Kitchen?

Renovating a kitchen is a big undertaking, but it remains one of the best ways you can improve the usability and value of your home.

Rarely renovated and the centre of our family lives, getting your kitchen right is utterly essential. In practice, that means plenty of agonising over things like cupboard designs, handles, taps, sinks and flooring, but there’s one element that can’t be ignored – your worktops.

On that front, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Wood, acrylic, earthstone and even concrete are, today, viable options, but there’s only two materials that are really worth your time – granite and quartz.

But why should you choose granite or quartz worktops over competing materials? Here’s why.

Superior Durability

Kitchens are one of the highest stress areas of your home, having to deal with knives, hot pans, water, steam and more on an almost constant basis. It’s the kind of strain that can eventually wear away at the finish and quality of your worktop, but not granite and quartz.

Granite is 100% real stone and boast exceptional toughness, including high-level resistance to heat, water, pressure and more. Quartz, meanwhile, combines natural quartz stone with small amounts of resin and decorative elements to create a luxurious, hardwearing finish.

Whichever material you choose, you can be confident that your kitchen worktop will stay looking beautiful for years to come, no matter what you throw at it. Best of all? They require very little maintenance to keep looking at their best.

Style & Quality

Alongside their remarkable durability, both quartz and granite kitchen worktops add a real sense of quality and heft to any kitchen.

Reassuringly heavy, quartz and granite worktops bring a sense of timeless style to any kitchen, whether you’re opting for the stunning natural patterns of granite or the bold, sleekness of the best quartz.

At Omega Stone, we’re proud to supply our customers across Yorkshire and the UK with luxurious, tough quartz and granite kitchen worktops. Take a look at the full range here.

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