International Stones

Natural Granite

International Stones Ltd offer a wide range of high quality Granite slabs which can be used for a variety of applications in the home or workplace.


As well as having their own unique character, International Stones’ Granite slabs are heat, UV and impact resistant, which makes them an excellent choice of material for all types of worktops.

Call us on 0113 873 0102 to find out more about the International Stones Ltd Granite range.

Colour Range

Amber Fossil

Ambrosia White

Angola Black

Angola Silver

Antique Brown

Antique Brown Satin


Azul Aran

Azzurro Dolomite

Baltic Brown

Bianco Antique

Bianco Romano

Bianco Romano Satin

Black Marinace

Blue In The Night

Blue Pearl


Café Imperial


Carbon Mist

Carbon Mist Satin


Centuras Grey Dolomite

Centuras Grey Extra Dolomite