The installation process of Quartz worktop explained

At Omega Stone, we specialise in the installation of quartz worktops. There are a few steps to the perfect installation of a quartz worktop, which we will go into below.


The surface the quartz slab will be lifted onto should be prepared beforehand. Most surfaces simply need to be cleaned for the caulking to adhere to. If a two-part resin will be used, this should be applied a few minutes before the slab is lifted into place.

The quartz slab itself should be clean. The underside should be unblemished. If there’s dirt on the underside, this should be cleaned off.

The quartz worktop should be transported and handled with extreme care. It should be thoroughly cleaned onsite prior to installation if needed.

Lifting into position

The quartz slab should be listed into position by three people. One at either end of the slab, and one in the middle. This process should be performed gradually.

Once into position, the slab can be laid down on the surface. Markers should then be made to guarantee a perfect fit the next time is lowered down.

Quartz worktops should always be installed by a professional installation team. This will ensure that the heavy slab is lifted into position safely.

Sealing the slab into place

The slab is lifted, and caulking is applied to the contact surface. This is beaded or run across the surface to form a smooth and consistent layer.

The quartz slab is then lifted down into position. Any excess caulk is cleaned off from the underside. The sheer weight of the slab is enough to ensure good adhesion.

Any old caulk will not do. A special stone caulk is required to ensure it remains flexible under the heavy weight of the quartz slab.

Leave the caulking to set

The caulking will take a few hours to dry. One it has set, it’s job done. The quartz worktop will last for many years and will never need sealing.

The quartz worktop can be used right away. However, it is recommended that you refrain from using it for a few hours to allow the caulking to set.

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