How you can use Granite to increase the value of your home

When someone shops for a new home, they put on their creative cap and consider a property’s “potential”. But you know what? No matter how creative the mind is, most people impulsively go for the finished article. Or, at the very least, they go for the property that has something finished to a high standard, such as the kitchen. It makes life easier and, quite honestly, it stands out in a sea of listings.

If you want to increase the value of your home, be it to increase your return when you come to sell up or pass on a larger inheritance to your loved ones, updating your kitchen and bathrooms with premium materials can prove very lucrative. The kitchen in particular, since it is often the heart of the home for families.

When choosing a material for kitchen countertops, it’s important to choose something durable. The good news is durable can also be beautiful. Granite is the best material in our opinion for creating a luxury finish. It’s stunning.

Granite is an igneous rock that’s mined all around the world. It comes in an unlimited variety of colours and every slab is unique. When polished, it becomes glass-like in appearance and to the touch, with a glossy aesthetic that perfectly complements its natural grain. When matted or left in its raw state, granite doesn’t reflect light, so it offers the perfect contrast in contemporary, modern and eclectic kitchens alike.

Granite in your home

Granite can be used in a variety of ways around your home. Throughout history, it has been used to line walls, floors and staircases. Even columns and archways are known to have been carved from granite, in a process that would have taken months.

Of course, those are irrelevant to you. The most relevant use of granite in your home is as a countertop in your kitchen. Granite countertops can be used throughout a kitchen, including on islands. The beauty of granite is that it’s available in an unlimited range of colours, and because every slab is mined from a single granite boulder every slab is unique. So, you won’t have the same countertops as Beverly and John across the road.

We’ve partnered with International Stones to offer you an unbeatable collection of granites from around the world. You have over 150 varieties to choose from with us.

We can source granite from Brazil, Angola, India, Spain, Canada, Norway and many other countries. Granite countertops are available in classic colours like black and white. They have exotic names, such as Astoria Ivory, Azzurro Quartzite and Delicatus. We can source any unique slab for you. If you need a slab quickly, we do keep a small stock. Please contact us to enquire about these because they do not hang around for long.

Increasing the value of your home with granite

Granite is a premium material. It oozes quality and gives every kitchen a premium touch. It’s in exceptionally high demand right now and is the material of choice for classy finish. For this reason, people are willing to pay a premium for kitchens with granite countertops and a by-product of this is a higher list price for your home.

The fact that granite as a building material hasn’t gone out of fashion for hundreds of years means you can have confidence in it to stand the test of time. However, some colours are more fashionable than others. Blacks, whites and pearls are the most popular colours. These neutral colours will never, ever go out of fashion.

Reds and pinks are also popular options. Perhaps the safest granites are ‘Nero Cosmos’ and ‘Star Galaxy’. These are dark granites with metallic elements within. These slabs are exceptionally popular. If you don’t like the sparkly effect, ‘Spike Black’ granite is a nice option as is ‘Centuras Grey Dolomite’ if you want something light.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own taste when it comes to kitchen countertops. Even if you choose a beautiful neutral colour, there’ll be someone who doesn’t like it. The best you can do is choose something neutral and timeless. If you’d like to look at the range of stones we offer, you can do so here.

Speak to one of our experts to see if granite is right for you. Call us on 0113 873 0102 for a free design consultation and to find out more about our services. Thank you.

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