How to personalise your white granite worktop

How to personalise your white granite worktop

White granite is an ideal material for your kitchen worktops. Hardwearing and timeless, it fits in well with a huge variety of kitchen design schemes, whether your tastes are minimalist and modern, or you prefer a more traditional, classic style.

As it is a natural stone, granite has subtle patterns running through it, so every granite worktop is automatically unique.

However, while white granite is so popular, it is still important to make sure you can maintain some individuality in your kitchen. Here are some of our favourite ways to personalise your white granite worktops, enabling you to inject some real personality into your kitchen design.

Choose a contrasting splashback

In recent years, kitchen splashbacks have often been made from a slab of the same material as the worktops. Now, however, there is an increasing trend for splashbacks made from wall tiles in a contrasting colour. This is a great way to personalise a white granite worktop, as the worktop will become a more visually dynamic design feature when placed against a contrasting background, particularly if you choose a dark colour for your splashback.

Using wall tiles for your splashback enables you to get really creative with colour and texture, so you can truly stamp your personality on your kitchen and make it uniquely yours.

Invest in an undermounted sink

Most kitchen worktops have a sink unit integrated, so the sink has a stainless-steel surround which is then sealed into the worktop. An undermounted sink gives a white granite worktop a far more streamlined and stylish look, as the sink is installed beneath the worktop itself, so the white granite continues down into the sink rather than being broken by stainless steel edging.

This results in clean lines which instantly give your kitchen a more luxurious, upmarket feel, and make your white granite worktop stand out from the crowd.

Integrate your draining area

Traditional sink units tend to come with a stainless-steel draining board, which is sealed into the worktop. However, if you choose an undermounted sink, you also have the option of integrating your draining area into the worktop itself.

As granite can easily be carved into different shapes, you can have draining grooves cut into your worktop. This offers the ultimate in kitchen chic, as the lines of your white granite worktop are completely unbroken, with the sink and draining board fully integrated, so there is no need for any stainless steel. Your worktop becomes more functional, and also looks much more stylish.

Add warmth with your tapware

White granite worktops are extremely popular, but some homeowners worry that they will make the kitchen look too stark and clinical, particularly if your cabinetry is also white. If you want to inject some warmth into your worktop, you can easily do this with your choice of tapware.

Bronze or copper taps will instantly add a warmer touch to a white granite worktop, and if you choose a style which complements the design of your kitchen, this is also a great way of stamping it with your own personality. You can also take the scheme further by choosing matching handles for your cabinet doors and drawers.

Try a different shape

Kitchen worktops don’t have to be flat rectangles. One of the advantages of granite is that it can be carved into different shapes very easily, which opens up a world of design possibilities. For example, if your cabinetry is curved, or you want to add more visual interest with a curved worktop, this can easily be done.

For a subtler touch, choose a bevelled or slanted edge rather than straight, giving your white granite worktop a look, which reflects your tastes.

Include some mood lighting

We all know the importance of spotlights over the food preparation and cooking areas, and many of us choose pendant lighting over the dining table. But you can personalise your worktops by integrating them into your lighting design, too.

LED lights can easily be concealed under your worktops, which highlights them as a design feature. It also enables you to create a more intimate ambience, which transforms your kitchen into the perfect entertaining space.

If you would like more creative ideas for white granite worktops, please contact us. Our team will be happy to introduce you to our range and help you personalise the appearance of your kitchen.

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