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How to choose the perfect edge profile for your Granite worktop

Choosing an edge profile for your granite worktop is an important consideration. Granite worktops are flat, so the only way to play with light, shadow, and texture when viewed from a distance is with the edge profile.

The edge profile on a worktop can be as much a feature as the colour and texture of the slab itself. By choosing a simple or elaborate edge profile design, you can dictate the worktop’s character and how it fits into your kitchen.

Playing with light

Different edge profiles capture and reflect light in different ways.

For example, the classic pencil round edge profile appears to be matte under a direct light source. By contrast, the more elaborate waterfall edge profile changes from glossy to matte under the same source because of its gradual steps.

Playing with texture

Because granite worktops are a custom product, you can also play with texture.

Edge profiles with more than one edge, so for example the bevel profile, can be polished in different stages. The result is an edge profile that is manipulated to capture and reflect light in a certain way. You can polish both ways, so glossy or matte.

Playing with illusion

The edge profile on a slab can also give the illusion of a thicker slab.

This is true of edge profiles that incorporate two sections. Examples include ‘Birds Beak’ and ‘Mitred Downstand’. These edge profiles ‘double up’ to make a 40mm slab look 80mm thick. You can also combine two edge profiles, such as Dupont/ Cove.

Consider safety in your home

It is also important to consider the safety risks associated with some edge profiles.

Sharper edge profiles are a risk for children. Children love to run around and play, so if your countertops have sharp edges they will be a hazard. For homes with young children, we recommend rounded edge profiles or flat edge profiles.

Popular edge profiles on granite worktops

We work on the following edge profiles for our customers (although we can produce custom edge profiles to any specification):

  • Pencil Round
  • Bevel
  • Full Bullnose
  • Half Bullnose
  • Dupont
  • Ogee
  • Cove
  • Waterfall
  • Birds Beak
  • Mitred Downstand
  • Dupont/Cove
  • Ogee/Bullnose

Here’s the low-down on the most popular of these:

Bevel profile

A flat finish with angled corners. This is a classic edge profile, with easing sharp corners and chamfered edges.

Pencil round profile

A broadly flat, straight edge profile with some rounding at the corners. The rounding blends the flat section in, creating a uniform finish.

Full Bullnose profile

A totally rounded finish. This edge profile gives a feeling of continuity and is particularly popular on thicker granite slabs.

Bullnose profile

A half flat, half rounded finish. It has a rounded finish from the top section, which follows through to a flat section at the bottom.

Cove profile

An angular finish that plays with light. Features a top section that resembles a cove. Mostly rounded with a flat section.

Dupont profile

A luxurious finish. Dupont edge profiles have a 90-degree angle that extends down into a rounded edge. This creates a beautiful contrast.

Ogee profile

Another luxurious finish. Ogee is similar to Dupont with a concave arch that flows into a convex arch, except the angle of the cut is steeper.

Waterfall profile

A rounded finish in three stages. The edges are half round and the give the appearance of no bottom edge to create a waterfall effect.

Looking for grandeur

We’re often asked what makes granite so desirable for worktops. We’d have to say the number one reason is its physical qualities. Granite is a beautiful, natural stone that’s available in a huge variety of colours. Every slab is unique.

However, the beauty of granite doesn’t just come from its natural character and appearance. It also comes from the way it’s processed by experts such as ourselves.

The way granite is cut, and the way it is polished, determines the quality of the final product. Skilled work is required to transform a granite slab from its raw state into a product suitable for a home. Every step of the process is essential.

The edge profile you choose for your granite worktop forms part of our manufacturing process. Because granite worktops are a custom product, they can be cut and polished in any way you like. We’ll finish your worktop with a profile of your choosing to make your kitchen unique. The finished product will be nothing short of total perfection, guaranteed.

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