Granite Worktops Yeadon

Looking for granite worktops in Yeadon? Look no further.


At Omega Stone, we offer access to a stunning collection of granites and our stonemasons will cut and expertly finish your worktops to the highest standards.


We offer a full-service granite worktop solution. We source, supply, finish and fit the granite worktops we work on, ensuring total perfect from project start to finish.

Why granite?


If you are building or renovating your kitchen and want a premium, hard-wearing worktop to complement its design, granite is an outstanding choice.


Granite is a natural igneous rock with desirable characteristics. When polished, it becomes glass-like in appearance and to the touch, with a glossy aesthetic that perfectly complements its natural grain. When matted or left in its raw state, granite doesn’t reflect light so it offers the perfect contrast in contemporary, modern and eclectic kitchens alike.


Choice and selection


We have partnered with International Stones to offer you an unbeatable selection of granites. In addition to this, we have over 200 granite slabs in stock and ready for work.


If you want something a little rarer or different, our partner International Stones offers access to the finest selection of granite from India, Brazil, Canada, Angola, Finland, Norway and many other countries. So, whether you are interested in a stunning white granite worktop or an eye-catching black pearl worktop, we can source the right materials for you.

The Omega Stone Service


We will source, supply, cut, finish and install your granite worktops in an all-inclusive service. We are a team of professional stonemasons and installers, with the skills needed to expertly finish and install granite worktops to the highest standards.


We have over 200 granite slabs in stock and ready for delivery. On these, we can offer a 7-day turnaround time at no additional cost. This is a timely service that ensures your project gets off the ground quickly. Contact us to find out more.


Contact us to find out more


To find out more about our granite worktops in Yeadon, call us on 0113 873 0102.

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