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Granite or Quarts – Which is Best for a Bar Top?

When it comes to building your dream bar, you want the details to be just right – with beautiful taps, a wide drinks selection and chairs comfortable enough to keep your guests (or friends) situated happily for the night.

Getting the balancing act for the perfect bar though isn’t as easy as it seems though, and that’s before you start thinking about key dilemmas like that between granite and quartz for your worktops.

Both boast superior durability and style, but each boast their own unique advantages which means that the choice is anything but a simple one. Regardless which you choose though, you can trust Omega Stone to supply you with only the highest quality slabs, at the fairest prices around. Here’s what you can expect from each material.

Granite Bar Worktops – Overview

Granite has been celebrated and utilised in design for thousands of years, and for good reason – it can be a stunning addition to any space.

100% naturally sourced, granite worktops are quarried, before being cut to size and polished to a beautiful finish. Because it’s natural, granite comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns, ranging from the subdued to the spectacular. You won’t, however, find granite in brighter, less natural tones.

Hardwearing by nature, granite worktops are naturally non-porous, making them extremely resistant to heat, pressure and water damage.

Quartz Bar Worktops – Overview

Unlike granite, quartz doesn’t have a storied history to lean back on, but it does have some distinct advantages for bar worktops. Most notably? The sheer variety of design.

Because quartz worktops are manufactured by combining natural quartz stone with resin and decorative pieces, they’re not only extremely tough in day-to-day use, but they can be customized in a dizzying array of styles, from the natural all the way to the bold and modern.

For bars looking for something a little different, quartz is a terrific option, as it also retains the water, heat and damage resistance of granite.

To find out more about our range of quartz and granite bar worktops, click here.

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