Granite furniture ideas for your home

Granite is a beautiful, natural stone which looks stunning in any home. As no two pieces are the same, using granite is the perfect way to give your home a completely bespoke look. Natural stone also adds a real touch of luxury to your living space, and can transform tired décor and furniture into something spectacular.

Granite is becoming more and more popular as a material for making various items of furniture. Here are some of our favourite ideas for ways to use granite in your furniture to upgrade the look and feel of your home.

  1. Worktops

This is far and away the most popular use of granite in the home, as it adds a luxurious look to any kitchen, as well as providing a surface which is strong, durable, and stain-resistant when sealed. These days, granite does not just have to be used for the worktop itself – your kitchen scheme can also include a granite sink and draining area built into the worktop, to create a seamless look. In addition, you can create a worktop for your kitchen island out of granite, increasing your food preparation space and also giving you an alternative place to eat, which continues the décor theme of the rest of your kitchen.

Granite worktops are also ideal for the bathroom, where they can be used to great effect below or around the basin for a truly opulent look.

  1. Tables

A table made of granite can be used as a sophisticated feature anywhere in the home. Whether you want a small coffee table to add a luxurious touch to your living room, a kitchen table to match your worktops, or a spectacular dining table, all of these can be made completely from granite, bringing the warmth and elegance of natural stone into any room you choose.

If you don’t want a table completely made of granite, you can easily upcycle an old table by giving it a new granite table top. This breathes new life into a used piece of furniture, and creates a feature in your home which is completely unique.

  1. Benches

A granite bench offers a subtle touch of class in any space. Granite bench seating either side of your kitchen table is ideal, as it gives you flexibility in your seating plan while also providing beauty, style and originality.

You can also use a granite bench to great effect in a hallway or on a landing, to add an extra element of interest to the space.

  1. Shelving

Granite shelving is ideal for providing the finishing touch to any room in the home. It works ideally as open shelving, because it is extremely strong and durable while looking luxurious and chic. From holding books in your bedroom to displaying ornaments in the living area, or storing your utensils and accessories in a kitchen or bathroom, granite shelving offers the ultimate functionality as well as providing a subtle touch of opulence in your home.

You can even use granite to create unique shelving solutions in a fitted wardrobe, ensuring it looks wonderful either open or closed.

  1. Garden furniture

Granite garden furniture is growing hugely in popularity throughout the UK. It makes for some truly interesting effects and gives your garden a look which is completely unlike any other. This is because, if you leave granite unsealed, it will change its appearance when exposed to the natural elements outdoors. It can alter its colour and achieve a more “weathered” look, ensuring your garden furniture ends up looking completely unique.

  1. Inlays in other furniture items

If you want a few subtle touches of granite rather than having complete pieces of furniture made from this attractive natural stone, it can also be used to create design interest by being used as inlays in wooden furniture. The different colours and textures in granite provide an ideal contrast to timber, and this technique is an ideal way of injecting a more upmarket, bespoke look into your home.

If you would like more ideas about granite furniture for your home, please contact us.

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