Granite Coffee Table

A granite coffee table is the ultimate luxury, perfect for finishing your living space with class and grandeur.

Beautiful, solid coffee tables


Since 2010, Omega Stone has sourced the best granites from all over the world to make bespoke products for customers. Granite coffee tables are always a popular request from customers wanting something they won’t find in shops – a solid stone coffee table, made to measure and cut to any specification.


Our granite coffee tables are handmade by our artisans and can be built from any of the granites we offer for our worktops and countertops. If you have purchased a countertop from us, your coffee table can be made in the same material, or a contrasting material. We will also make it to measure with an edge profile of your choosing.

Beautiful granite coffee tables, designed and made for you


Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing oozes quality and grandeur like a granite coffee table. There is no coffee table more solid or more robust. Like wood, granite is also organic and unique, with no two materials ever the same. This brings true exclusivity to your coffee table. You will never see another like yours.


We can build your granite coffee table from a variety of granites. We always have granites immediately available and in stock. We can produce a coffee table from these in as little as a week. Alternatively, we can order your stone.


The range of granites we offer is unbeatable. You can see them here. If you see a granite you like, just get in touch and we’ll make you a coffee table.


Because we are stonemasons with our own workshop, we have the time to create you a truly beautiful piece of furniture. Your coffee table will be handmade by us with love and it will last a lifetime and more, guaranteed. quality and only produce the finest granite kitchen countertops, guaranteed.

To find out more about our granite coffee tables in Leeds or for a free quotation, call us on 0113 873 0102.

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