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Creative uses of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are more durable than their ceramic counterparts and considerably less expensive than natural stone.

It used to be the case that porcelain tiles were considered the lower quality option, but this is no longer true. Modern porcelain tiles have a high-resolution ‘print’ which is extremely hard wearing. This lends itself well to foot traffic, which is why porcelain tiles are preferred for flooring in dry and wet areas.

Here are some of the creative uses for porcelain tiles:

A table-top for your coffee table

If you have an old wooden coffee table, or perhaps an outdoor table, why not change its appearance altogether? Creating a porcelain table-top is as simple as sanding down the wooden top and sticking tiles to it once it’s completely flat and level. All you have to do then is grout and install a rim around the edge.

Kitchen or bathroom backsplash

Porcelain tiles cut well down to virtually any size, enabling any savvy tiler to create an intricate backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom from spare floor tiles. The modern trend for grey grout can also be taken on to contrast beautifully with light tiles or blend in with dark tiles to create a seamless or eye-catching feature.

Around the lawn

You don’t have to use chunky paving slabs around your lawn. In fact, porcelain tiles are perfectly suited to outdoor use because they are frost proof. Unlike ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are also impervious to water penetration.

The floor outside will need levelling and concreting before the tiles can be installed, using much the same process as when a swimming pool is built. We recommend tiles that are at least 20mm thick for outdoor use. Standard 10mm tiles won’t last.

In your garage

One of the great things about porcelain tiles is their durability. When installed with a sufficient membrane (a shock absorbing material, a bit like underlay) the tiles are extremely resistant to mechanical wear. If your garage has a concrete floor right now than it’s already a good candidate for porcelain tiles.

In your basement

If you have a damp, dark and dreary basement, you can get it tanked, and part of that process includes porcelain tiles for the floor.

A waterproof membrane needs installing first and the gap from the walls to the floor needs sealing with putty or resin. After this you can install porcelain tiles right on top, and your basement won’t be anywhere near as damp. You can eliminate damp further by sealing the walls. This’ll make your basement completely dry.

Combining porcelain tiles with granite or quartz

Porcelain tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, much like granite and quartz worktops. These materials are a match made in heaven because they are both durable and suitable for wet and dry areas.

Some of the most beautiful porcelain tiles include Statuario Elite, Statuario Classic, Glam Gold, Glam Gris and the super-modern Imperia Taupe. Check them out here and if you see anything you like, give us a call.

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