Black granite worktop trends

Black granite is a hugely popular choice for kitchen worktops. It offers a timeless and stylish look, and is the perfect complement for both traditional and contemporary décor schemes. It never goes out of fashion and can be used in a wide variety of innovative ways.

Here are some of the ways we are going to see black granite worktops being used in the home throughout 2019.

Monochrome chic

Black and white kitchens are the height of style at the moment, and one of the main ways this trend is being expressed is by teaming black granite worktops with an all-white kitchen theme. High gloss white cabinetry is particularly popular heading into 2019, and a black granite worktop provides a rich contrast to this. It prevents the white theme from looking too stark and clinical, and gives a luxurious, high-end finish.

To complete the look, add white tables and chairs, or a white island with matching stools, and a contrasting floor for added interest.

Curved edges for a retro look

One of the main advantages of granite is that it can be cut into a wide variety of shapes, enabling you to personalise your worktops to suit your individual tastes and the style and shape of your room. This makes it ideal for the increasing trend for 1970s-style, retro kitchens, with curved edges on cabinetry, drawers and islands.

A black granite worktop can easily be cut into a curved shape, so it can follow the lines of your retro cabinetry. It also adds a subtle contemporary touch to the vintage theme, bringing your kitchen firmly into 2019.

Keep it natural

Wooden cabinetry and furniture are set to make a huge comeback in the kitchen throughout 2019. The new trend for natural materials is vastly different from the rustic-style kitchen which was popular in the 1980s and 90s. Today’s wooden kitchens are using different types of wood alongside each other, providing design interest with contrasting colours, textures and grains, all without the need to lift a paintbrush.

Because the types of wood can vary so greatly from each other in appearance, they need to be brought together by a worktop that coordinates well with everything. Black granite is ideal here, as it gives a strong visual anchor point to the design scheme, and continues the theme of using natural materials throughout the kitchen, as granite is a natural stone.

Black on black

An all-black kitchen is a brave choice, but if your kitchen is large, black granite worktops teamed with black cabinetry and furniture can provide a dramatic, stylish and sophisticated design. The current trend for all-black kitchens uses a matte finish rather than a high-gloss look, as this is less overwhelming visually, and creates a more natural, unified appearance.

To add contrast and warmth, team with a wooden floor and bronze handles on doors and drawers. You can also soften the ambience with some clever mood lighting, making your all-black kitchen a truly relaxing place to eat and entertain.

Add contrast to painted cabinetry

The trend for kitchen cabinetry painted in different colours is set to continue through 2019. Grey, blue and aubergine are amongst the most popular colour choices, with different shades of the same colour sitting alongside each other: for example, pale grey cabinetry with darker grey walls.

A black granite kitchen worktop provides the perfect contrast and pulls the room together; and as it goes with everything, it means you will not need to change your worktops if you decide to revamp your cabinetry with a different paint colour in the future. One of the main advantages of granite is that it is extremely hardwearing, and if you look after a black granite worktop with the proper care, it will maintain its appearance for many years to come.

Take it out of the kitchen

Black granite worktops are not only popular in kitchens. The growing trend for double sinks means that we are increasingly seeing black granite worktops being installed in bathrooms, too. They can add a dramatic touch to a white or neutral bathroom scheme, and provide you with a useful extra surface to store all your favourite bathroom products.

If you would like to find out more about the ways you can use black granite worktops in your home, or discover the range we can offer, please contact us. Our specialist team will be happy to help.

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